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    April is a Fool if She Told You Leggings Aren't Pants

    April is a Fool if She Told You Leggings Aren't Pants

    I think that April and all those other critics of leggings get it wrong when they say that leggings aren’t pants. Of course, they are. They meet Webster’s definition - they are garments that cover each leg separately and usually extend from the waist to the ankle (but can come in capris or shorts as every other type of pant can.)

    So now that we’ve covered the technicality, let’s talk about why leggings are a great pant option in many situations.

    • Exercising – The first and most obvious use for leggings is for working out. Today’s athletic/athleisure leggings are made of performance fabrics that support all types of workouts – from the gym to yoga to running. They provide great compression and support. They are breathable (keep cool) and wick moisture from the body (keep you dry). A great pair of leggings allows you to focus on and get the most out of your workout without the need to have an ounce of care about what you are wearing.
    • Lounging – There is no denying that leggings are comfortable. When at home lounging around, doing chores, or watching TV, they are just as comfortable and way more fashionable than pajama bottoms or some baggy sweats. If you choose to get up and shower on the days you stay home, leggings are a great substitute for your pajamas. And, they are more appropriate attire in the event (after our cornonavirus social distancing is over) a friend happens to stop by to lounge with you.
    • Casual wear – Today’s leggings come in so many beautiful varieties that you can certainly find some that fit your personal style when you are out and about. If you like bold prints or classic colors with sleek detailing – it’s all available. Pair them with your favorite tops, jackets, sneakers, boots, heels, or accessories and you have a fashionable, yet comfortable, outfit in a flash.
    • Work from home – Most of us are working from home for a bit during the coronavirus outbreak. That often means we need to have video calls. Being on video only requires you to be professional on the top half of your body. Leggings can be a great choice for your bottom half. As we already discussed, we know they are comfortable enough for the hours of sitting. But, hours of sitting aren’t good for you. With your leggings and sneakers on, take frequent and quick breaks throughout your day. You’ll be dressed to correctly perform a few lunges, leg lifts, stretches, or a quick walk on your treadmill to get the blood pumping.

    I could probably go on and on of all the ways leggings are a great pant option, but I think you get the point. The next time April tells you leggings aren’t pants, you now have enough info to share with her and rescue her from her foolery.

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