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    Just Because You Love to Bounce Doesn’t Mean Your Chest Should

    Just Because You Love to Bounce Doesn’t Mean Your Chest Should

    If you are going to work out, eventually you are going to bounce. Your fast walk with turn into a jog. You’ll catch the HIIT bug and put in some bursts of high intensity moves that will cause both feet the leave the ground at the same time. Great for your body, but not so great for your chest unless you are wearing the right sports bra.

    When you exercise, your unsupported chest can really move – 2-3 inches, up and down, side to side, and in and out. All that jiggle is not only uncomfortable at times but a major source of accelerated sagging. The support structure that holds your girls up is made of soft tissue – not muscle – and once stretched beyond its ability to naturally spring back, will result in drooping.

    Sports Bra to the rescue

    The typical pullover shelf-style sports bras that have no means to adjust them use compression to slow the movement of your chest. These are great for women with smaller cup sizes or for anyone doing low-to-moderate impact workouts. But if you are more generously gifted than a B-cup and want to kick your workouts into the high-impact zone, look for a few different features

    • Wide straps – when going for compression, racerbacks provide greater support. For a larger chest though, the better distribution provided by more traditional shoulder straps may be more comfortable
    • Encapsulation – regular bras use encapsulation to support each breast individually. Many sports bras are now designed in the same manner to provide better support and do away with the dreaded uni-breast
    • Adjustment features – while you can get pretty close to the best fit by selecting the right size and style, the ability to adjust your straps to get the right amount of lift and to adjust your band to keep it snug but not too tight can make a world of difference

    Not Too Tight but a just right fit

    The best fitting sports bra should:

    • Fit snug to your body but not so much as to create spillage from the top or sides
    • Have little stretch in the front straps once adjusted for fit
    • Allow for minimal stretch in the band and should stay put when you reach your arms over your head

    Select the right style and size sports bra and your breasts will thank you.