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    About TightBodi

    Though a lifelong lover of living an active lifestyle... was only several years ago that I purchased my first few pairs of (what I considered to be) premium leggings. Ask me, “how many of them fit?” Absolutely zero. 
    With my somewhat boxy waist and muscular legs, I was always a size too large or too small. It seemed, for me, activewear was a zero-sum game, where gaining comfort in one area always resulted in the loss of comfort somewhere else. I thought, just maybe, I’m not the only one feeling this way. 
    Turns out, I was spot on. The more I looked and listened to the women around me, I began to understand just how neglected their needs really were. Women with curves – curves that came from motherhood, body sculpting, a love of good cookies, or whatever – are all making trade-offs with their athletic wear. 

    • Some hid their bodies under layers of baggy clothing, concealing the progress they worked so hard to achieve
    • Some sculpted their bodies into muscular works of art only to not find clothes made for their curvy bodies.
    • For others, the lack of available options reinforced a false belief that their bodies were not “standard”.


    Why were all these strong, beautiful, and unique women – forced to settle?

    For the past two years, we have called, coerced, email, and met with brands that have high-quality athletic wear for women, which is reasonably priced, that we could share with our customers. And while we 100% stand behind the products we’re selling, we inherently know there is more we can be doing to truly put our customers at the heart of what we do.

    That’s why we’re working every day to find and design activewear that will solve many of the issues we hear about from women across the country. By leveraging next-gen 3D technology, we’ll be able to produce bras and leggings designed for your specific shape, rather than just your size. And by digitizing the process, our goal is to help reduce waste on our planet.
    Join us this year as we dive into the details of our upcoming designs – the technology behind them and the issues they solve for-until then, we’ll just keep working to bring you the best brands at reasonable prices. 


    Cecilia & Don Edwards